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Each student team builds a car from the ground up to travel as far as possible in one hour on only 72 lbs. of lead acid batteries. We race against lots of other students and adults in towns and on race tracks all across this country on the weekends from March to July. We learn a lot and have tons of fun! This website documents our building process. Please leave comments and/or questions!

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2014-2015 Electric Car Team

Prototype Posts

Prototype Posts

2013-2014 CHS ECar Team

2013-2014 CHS ECar Team

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2011-2012 CHS Ecar Teams

2012-2013 CHS ECar Teams

2012-2013 CHS ECar Teams

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Rollbar and wheel


Hi my name is Dean Hovinghoff and I have been working on this year’s new electric car. Two of the things that I have been making are a wheel and roll bar. The roll bar was a challenge because i had to bend it by hand. The wheel took a while to make because of all the spokes and adjustments that I had to make. The wheel helped to teach me to be patient.

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#1 Starting on The Car

For this post, I will be talking about the bottom assembly of the car, I will also be talking about the front axle. The first project of this year for me was the bottom assembly. After I finished that project I started working on my front axle

The bottom assembly took the longest of these two project. The first part of this project was drafting out this part on a ply wood board. After finishing drafting this I bent two 45 degree bends in opposite directions. After we fixed and errors that occurred during the bending processes we then welded on two rear forks to hold the back tire. After we welded that piece I started to work on the front axle.

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#169 Boatail Attachment

For this post, I will talk briefly about how I made a boatail for car #169. For the lower part of the tail, I cut out, clamped, and tacked two angled metal pieces to the lower part of the car(just above the motor). After it was in place, I finished by welded out the part so it would stay secure to the car. Where the angled pieces meet, I cut out 1/4″ round stock piece and tacked it there(as level as possible, going in the vertical direction). Next I cut out two more round stock pieces, from the roll bar, I tacked them so the ends met with the vertical piece(tacking that to finish). I also added extra support stocks so that the boatail would be stronger.  Now that’s a boatail!!!photophoto (1)

Coulter’s Nose Job

Car 2 Solidworks.Coulter is back for his 2nd year of Electric Car as well as Shawn and Erik. Coulter will be working on car #242 this year. He has already made is list of15 things to improve in the car. The biggest one he will do is putting a new nose on to the car. This project will push his building and geometry skills to their maximum. At the time of this post Coulter is working on Solidworks, a program to help him with sketching the car nose before building begins. He is doing good at the moment and he hopes to get started on the nose soon.

Firewall Drilling/Skills

imageIn the photo to the right you can see a “bushing” that I have placed inside. In the firewall I drilled a hole up to 5/8″ outside diameter so the bushing would fit. This is my first project as an advanced guy. I’m trying to replicate a steering system.


imageIn the photo above I am working on my fillet skill (welding) to get the bushing secured inside it. I know it is bad but it was my first time so I’m planning on getting improved from there.